Parallel Universes vs Schroedinger’s Cat

One of the reasons I love pondering Shroedinger’s equation and his thought experiments is that it deals with the possibility of a dead cat.  Me being a dog, of course.  But the idea of multiple states of existence occurring simultaneously is fascinating.  In Schroedinger’s world all possibilities are open until an outcome is observed.  Then all the others disappear.  However, that’s not necessarily right either.

Consider this: instead of all other possibilities collapsing, that is disappearing, perhaps they continue to exist simultaneously after the observation is made.  This particular model is what I’ve always called a branch model.  It’s much like a decision tree, except that it always goes forward without looping back.  Think of it this way.

Time is a continuous road.  If you come to a fork in the road, you have a choice to go to the right or to the left.  Whichever one you choose is the branch of the journey you will use.  However, if you choose the other branch your journey will be different.  Different routes, so to speak.  When you make a decision, you take that route and move past it.

But what if you decide to go the other way?  What if you also take that route.  At that fork in the road you split the journey into two routes or two realities.  You number one goes to the right, you number two goes to the left.  You have each entered a new timeline or universe, if you will.  And think about this:  Every time you make a decision, you create another reality.  It’s like following the branches of a tree from the trunk out.  You start with a limb, then it splits into two smaller limbs, then into branches and twigs, etc.  And if you follow every possible route it takes many journeys.  But if you are creating realities each time you choose a branch to follow, you can follow all the branches to the ends at the same time.

Still not making sense?  Did you ever hear anyone say that if you start making good choices it will bring you back to the straight and narrow road?  Well it’s basically the same principle.  Say you are standing in front of an angel and a devil.  You choose the devil and your next choice will be different than if you chose the angel.  That is because each choice takes you into a different reality.  And when you make one choice, you also make the other choice. Then the two of you make the next choices.  And with each choice you create another set of realities.

So Schroedinger’s theory goes only so far, that when a choice is made, all other possibilities collapse.  But if you want to go beyond that, the possibilities don’t collapse, the don’t disappear, they just fall away from where you can see them into another reality where another you goes on with his/her life.

And that makes me think really hard about my choices.  I know that every choice I make will create the reality I live in.  That means that through my choices I can create my reality.  And if I can create my reality then I can make my world a better place.

Thanks, quantum physics!


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