Stone God

I recently saw an advertisement on television that asked people to support the Freedom from Religion Foundation, a non profit group dedicated to maintaining the political separation of church and state.  Let me tell you, it surprised and saddened me that this was being done.  Fundamentalist Christians in the United States of America are meddling in so many things nowadays that the rest of the country feels it must take up metaphorical arms against them in order to protect the constitution.  Now it’s the decedents of the persecuted doing the religious persecution.

What sane person can say that among all the problems and troubles we have today, the words “In God We Trust” on our money is important.  Better we should write, “God, punish the moneychangers who cheat and rob us, let them see jail time.”  That’ much more appropriate.  Or just drop it all together.  There is nothing wrong…

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