No Reason to Live

maxresdefaultIt’s official.  I live in a shithole town in a shithole state in a shithole country.  And it’s not about to get any better anytime soon.  Do nothing republicans are now in charge of the entire government, led by a narcissistic megalomaniac.  People were shot and killed while waiting to vote.  And a local priest videotaped himself on an altar in a Catholic church in this town with an aborted fetus on the altar.  We are going to lose health care for people struggling along to make ends meet and people with pre-existing conditions are going to lose the right to receive medical treatments in a greedy insurance-based hellhole.  Women will continue to lose the right to make decisions that have to do with their bodies.

The Zika virus, which causes microcephaly in vitro (that means children of infected parents have pin heads and undeveloped brains), has been in our country for a while now, and children in Puerto Rico are being born with microcephaly.  So when it hits the mainland (already in Florida), who’s going to care for those children women will be forced to bring to term?  Health insurance won’t cover a pre-existing condition (if it existed prenatally, they won’t have to cover the expenses of dealing with care and complications).

Who’s going to raise those children?  The women the government forced to bring them to term?  Of course.  Will they get assistance from the government for the expenses of keeping these children alive?  No, they will not.  According to our new president, our new congress and our new supreme court, women who live in the United States have only themselves to blame for getting pregnant while infected with a virus they don’t know they’ve been exposed to.  And microcephaly can occur even when Zika is in the sperm of an infected male.  Lucky women!  You get to live with a family you don’t want and raise a child with an extreme disability.

And as long as women have no right to make decisions about their own body, tough luck.

Did you vote these bastards in?  White men with money are the only group that will be protected and the United States will lose all the progress it’s made in the last 150 years.

Thanks America.  Fuck you.


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  1. Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I live in a solidly “blue” state and am blessed with excellent health (and no human dependents). I cannot even begin to imagine what life will look like for so many people going forward. I found the result of the election traumatising and am trying to figure out whether there is any point in selling everything off and going back into exile overseas.


  2. I applied to enter Canada prior to the election.


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