Our Journalists Have Failed Us

Today news agencies are reporting that President Elect Trump has mob ties.  Some of these ties are Russian mobsters.  In August of 2016, Ben Schreckinger reported in a Politico.com article that Felix Sater, a Russian mobster had a secret meeting with the candidate at Trump Tower.  Schreckinger reports:


Sater was convicted for stabbing a man in a bar fight in the early ’90s, and pleaded guilty to racketeering in 1998 for his role in a mob-orchestrated stock fraud, according to The Washington Post.

Sater also donated the more than the maximum amount allowed to the Trump campaign, which was forced to return the overage.

Why are we hearing  this from mainstream media just now?

Trump’s campaign was supported and guided by the actions of Russian activity ordered and monitored by Vladimir Putin.  Our current president decided this was information should not come out until after the election.  Why not expose the corruption?

This is information we needed while we still had a chance to vote.

Democratic National Committee (DNC) reported they knew they were being hacked since the middle of June, 2016.  At this time, the DNC reported an intrusion into its computer network.  The cyber security firm CrowdStrike released their analysis, stating publicly That Russian hackers were behind the attack.  In May of 2016, they released the following update:

CrowdStrike stands fully by its analysis and findings identifying two separate Russian intelligence-affiliated adversaries present in the DNC network in May 2016. On June 15, 2016 a blog post to a WordPress site authored by an individual using the moniker

Guccifer 2.0 claimed credit for breaching the Democratic National Committee. This blog post presents documents alleged to have originated from the DNC.

In a report from 1992, Wayne Barrett, an experienced investigative journalist from the Village Voice wrote, “throughout his adult life, Donald Trump has done business with major organized-crime figures and performed favors for their associates.”  

On July 31, 2016, CNN published Barrett’s findings on its website, but the story never got any airtime.  Why is that?

Joel Gerstein reported in an October 21st, 2016 in a Politico article entitled “Trump seeks to keep groping claims out of Trump University suit” states:

Trump’s legal team is asking U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel to rule that lawyers and witnesses at the Trump University trial be prohibited from making any reference to “audio and video recordings made or publicized during the campaign” as well as “personal conduct accusations” leveled at Trump.

 Trump’s attorneys also want to bar discussion of allegations that Trump may have paid no federal income taxes for as long as two decades, his personal charitable foundation, bankruptcies of various companies he owned or managed, and a series of comments he made alleging that Curiel was irredeemably biased because of his Latino background.

Ultimately Trump settled this case for 25 million dollars, but not until after he was elected.  Steve Eder, reporter for the New York Times wrote in his article entitled

Donald Trump Agrees to Pay $25 Million in Trump University Settlement:

the position of Mr. Trump and his legal team appeared to soften soon after his election victory on Nov. 8. At a hearing last week, Daniel Petrocelli, a lawyer for Mr. Trump, expressed interest in moving toward a settlement. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s lawyers were seeking to delay the trial in one of the California cases until after his inauguration on Jan. 20, while also requesting that he be allowed to testify on video.
During an May
Trump also refused to release his tax returns during the election.  But Lauren Carroll, in her article for the Pulitzer prize winning Politifact reported:
As it turns out, the 1995 returns also show it’s possible Trump was able to avoid paying federal income tax for as much as 18 years, legally.
 Why was this not leading, detailed news on our major media outlets?
During an on-camera interview in May, 2016, George Stephanoupol0s questioned Donald Trump on Good Morning America asked about his tax returns.  Stephanpoulos asked candidate Trump,”Yes or no, do you believe voters have the right to see your tax returns before they make a final decision?”
Trump made claims about not being able to release them due to an audit.  When Stephanoupolos stated the IRS had no law against releasing audited taxes, Trump became increasingly angry.
“What’s your tax rate?” Stephanoupolos finally asked.
Trump stated emphatically, “None of your business.”
Except, yes, it is our business.
Leading prime time journalists should learn a lesson from this interview.  It seems most were cowed by Trump’s wrath and the possibility he would refuse interviews in the future.
Americans rely on these outlets to seek out and give them the truth.  Investigative journalists are supposed to search, verify and report.  Instead, they covered Trump’s tweets and outrageous behavior.  Sensationalism won out over fact finding because prime time new programs are dependent upon financial sponsors.  There’s no free press unless the press is free.

So, were journalists to caught up in the Trump circus to report facts or were they just lazy? No matter which, their lack of due diligence has changed our entire electoral process, and not, I think, for the better.


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